Paradise Community Guilds

Our hall may be ash, but we continue to gather together to
"Be the community you want to live in"

Paradise Community Guilds represents the spirit of community-building. Though our entire town was destroyed in the Camp Fire, and all of our members lost their homes in that horrible blaze, we have met each week since November 8, 2018 to connect, share needs and resources, comfort each other, and figure out our next steps.  In our distress, this is what it means to "Be the community you want to live in."

We are actively engaged in helping build Paradise anew, and our members are exploring partnerships with other organizations in the areas of permaculture and green building techniques, bringing more awareness to the long range implications of climate change to our community, encouraging a plan to design Paradise as a destination for arts, cultural enrichment and education. 

​We've got a long road to walk -- and we invite your support!

Grace, peace and strength to all who walk this journey of grief and recovery with us, as we strive for continuity of community with the spirit and vision that first brought us together.

Camp Fire Restoration Project

The goal of The Camp Fire Restoration Project is to support landowners and private and public agencies in environmental and community restoration in the areas affected by the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County, California.

The Camp Fire Restoration Project aims to organize boots on the ground technical, educational, and financial support and demonstrate methods of recovery that work with the needs of nature and humans through applying permaculture and other ecological restoration methods.

“I think one of our greatest mistakes is seeing ourselves separate from nature and that nature is somewhere “out there.” Unfortunately, it is events like the Camp Fire that remind us this is not the case. It is time to fit ourselves back into nature appropriately.”

Matthew Trumm,

coordinator of the C.F.R.P. 

Norton Buffalo Hall

Paradise Community Guilds is known for presenting hundreds of fine entertainment events over the years at our treasured Norton Buffalo Hall.

At the time of the Camp Fire (November 8, 2018), we had a number of great concerts on the calendar.  Within 10 days of the fire we chose to find a way to honor our commitments in our displacement in Chico -- at Chico Guild Hall and the Museum of Northern California Art (MONCA).

And so we have -- as you can see below.  And we will continue until we build our new home!

FALL 2019:

• Easy Leaves (late September)
Sixth annual Halloween Costume Party and Zombie Stomp (late October)
• To Wake You + David Leon Zink (November)
• Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Adam del Monte, Jack Cimo, Berto Boyd
• Christmas Jug Band
• ...and more.


Joy Will Find a Way

Sunday, November 10, 2019 | 2PM & 5:30PM shows

The Camp Fire that began on November 8, 2018 devastated our community, but like those slender green blades of grass that poked through the burn scar after the first rains, Life is resurgent, and joy will find a way. Perhaps the surest sign of human resilience is in the rise of creativity, the art spirit.

Butte County is blessed with an abundance of accomplished artists in a variety of disciplines -- music, theatre, dance, poetry and prose, photography, film, painting, sculpture and other visual arts -- and these have been productive in expressing the experience of our community.

Joy Will Find a Way brings them all together in a narrative of remembrance, recovery and resurgence. Through mostly original works and collaborations by local residents, we will remember the beauty of life in our county prior to the Camp Fire, tell the story of our catastrophe and its immediate aftermath, remember our lost, honor our heroes, bear witness to both our displacement and our ongoing recovery, and celebrate the resurgence of our community toward a promising vision for the future.


I never thought my travels would lead me back to where I began. On November 9, 2018, I returned to my hometown of Paradise, CA. In the weeks that followed the tragic Camp Fire, I knew documentation was important. Faces of Paradise began with a candid photograph of my parents after a day of sifting through ashes of their home. Their expressions told it all: the story of immense grief but also one  of deep strength and resilience. The project grew and in total I photographed and interviewed 40 families in the ashes of their home.


These photos are, first and foremost,  an offering to the individuals pictured. The start of a new family album and a new family chapter. These photos are a message to the world; of destruction and of fortitude. And finally, they are a record for future generations so that they may know our hardships and our loss but ultimately our perseverance.  

Allen Myers


Lotus Guide

Let’s see how we can make this world a better place starting here, with our boots on the ground in Paradise and the North Valley.


Our goal is to bring communities together by providing place to share our common voice, events, ideas, and services. The Lotus Guide Magazine compiles information about mind, body and spiritual health into a free publication available throughout the North Valley. And we've been doing it for 15+ years; pursuing our passion and collaborating, 


We hope our newly opened headquarters in Paradise can serve as a springboard for Rebuilding of Paradise. Be sure to drop in, we are open Tues/Wed/Thurs from 11am-4pm, other days and times by appointment.

Lotus Guide has a segment on Golden Road Television that airs in 10 counties here in Northern CA and a world-wide radio show that covers topics that the “normal” media won’t cover called The Spiritual Activist Radio Show.

Paradise Revival Festival

The Paradise Revival Festival celebrates the resiliency of our community. It is an opportunity to heal together through music, art, workshops, and self expression. Part music festival, part talent show, part community-day-of-action; we hope this festival will remind us who we are as a community.

On October 12, 2019, members of the Paradise community gathered around the idea of reviving Paradise. We continued to co-imaging what is possible for Paradise.  There was laughter, tears, hugs with old friends and new,There was laughter, tears, hugs with old friends and new,


Through this celebration we honored our journey and acknowledged our strength. Thank you to all contributors, participants, & attendees!​